Antonio Buonfiglio was born in 1972 in Nocera Lower; after being formed to study art at the Art Institute of Salerno and the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, he moved to Frankfurt, Germany, where he worked as a graphic designer from 1992 to 1996 . Since 1996 he lives and works in Todi and Rome and dedicates himself completely to his art.

In 2002, Antonio Buonfiglio exhibits at the Galerie Perseo in Taormina and at that of the Imperial Theatre of Francavilla Fontana (BR). Two solo exhibitions that are among the most significant of the career of this artist who counts a number of collective works and collaborations.

Antonio Buonfiglio’s pictorial art is to transpose the presence of nature on the canvas of his art works. His language is sensible and is a geometrical return of shapes, he is always subordinate to a seupreme control of a rigorous rhythmic control. The first encounter with his canvas is almost tactile ; we perceive the sour vibration of the material even before seizing the sense.

Then the colour appears, it becomes vector of light, often organized and obtained by the fusion of differenciated graphic signs. Antonio Buonfiglio is inspired by nature, but by transfiguring it, seeking to reproduce not the apparent multiplicity of forms, but the intimate generating energy.



Exhibition “Studio Apollonia” at the ancient church Saint Apollonia of Salerno
Collective “Golden Itersections” Stella Cilento
Collective “Midsummer Festival” in Oria


Collective “Known Artists” at the Palace of Vignola in Todi
Collective “Snow Flakes” in Reggio Emilia


Exhibition “Light-Metal” at the art festival in Todi


Exhibition “Awkward Presence” compte tenu de la martre Fratta Todina


Exhibition “Des Terres de Maîtres” Villa Fidelia à Spello (Pérouse)


Exhibition “INSIDE OUT” Etruscan necropolis crucified tuff in Orvieto
Exhibition “Ateliers d’Artistes” at the Library of Villa Mercede – Rome


Collective “ARTS PLACE AMSTERDAM” in Todi


Group exhibition ARTS PLACE in Amsterdam
Exhibition “Institut de la Culture Italienne” in Stuttgart
Exhibition “SCULPTURE” – Citernes Romaines in Todi
Group exhibition ACADEMISH MEDISCH CENTRUM in Amsterdam
Collective “Enseignants et les jeunes en petit format” in Todi


Exhibition “KUNST IM KRFISHAUS” in Nordhorn, Germany


First artistic contest “Dop-Art” in Todi
Personal exhibition “Groupe d’artistes Perseo” in Taormina
Exhibition at the Théâtre impérial of Francavilla Fontana


Solo exhibition at “Groupe d’artistes Perseo” in Taormina
Collective “39 sites”


Group exhibition at the monastery of Capuchins in Fisciano
“Massaria Occupée”.  Group exhibition at the University of Fisciano


Group exhibition at Nocera Inferiore

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