To transcend their choice of lifestyle, Gabriella Artoni and Denis Gusella opened the gallery “Art’In Gstaad” as much to live and share their passion for art in Gstaad and to fully enjoy this unique location. The decision was made to propose as a premier event the exhibition SCEGLI IL PARADISO — Choose Paradise. From the 18 of December 2015 to the 28 February 2016, We’ll discover the magnificent ceramic works of the artistic duo Bertozzi & Casoni and their major sculpture “Scegli il Paradiso”.
These two artists have succeeded, through continual experimentation with technique and their obsession for precision, to impose themselves in the world of art. Their Oeuvre characterized by a flawless realization and surrealism, express irony, disillusionment in the complete liberty to reconstruct reality.
What could be better for a gallery than to propose art in a natural environment where all is aesthetic and in harmony?



Gabriela Artoni

With 25 years of experience in antiques, research and sales, she is a specialist in medieval and Renaissance sculpture. She has dedicated herself to contemporary art during the last few years; a passion that leads to a continuous search for emotional communication, because Art gets inside the alchemy of human transformation.


Denis Gusella

Interior designer, is passionate about art and design, he has been involved in the art market for over 10 years especially as an investment adviser for the Asian art market.
Art’in Gstaad Gallery is both a new challenge and an opportunity to propose in a unique setting ancient, modern and contemporary art.

Indeed, as Kandinsky wrote, the reality of art is emotion. It is also a set of paradoxes, powerful and precious; sometimes brutal; sometimes mysterious … always esoteric but this is sure, art makes you happy.